Our Story

FORJAK Industrial, a company devoted to providing the very best in paint coatings and general maintenance in the commercial and industrial spaces. In business since 2001, we strive to provide the very best workmanship available. In the summer of 2008, FORJAK Industrial and founder Adam Logan, were hired to paint 18 commercial buildings for a national big box retail customer. After completing 3 of the 18 buildings, Adam concluded that this repetitive work could be streamlined. Recognizing the need for an assembly line style, Adam developed the "Better Faster Finish Painting System". The "B.F.F. System" was developed to apply a more a consistent coating, faster with less fatigue, manpower and overhead expense on high-volume low detail structures. This machine, and additional patented inventions, are revolutionizing the commercial painting space.


Adam Logan

Founder of FORJAK Industrial, and inventor of the B.F.F. Adam has over 15 years of experience in construction, service calls and industrial coatings.  Adam’s motto is “Say what we do, do what we say.” Adam’s passion for excellence drove him to found his own company in 2001 and invent the B.F.F. in 2012. Adam is responsible for Operations and Technical Development at FORJAK Industrial.



Matt Palmisciano

Matt is responsible for business development and finance at FORJAK. A graduate of the US Naval Academy, and with an MBA from The Ohio State University, Matt is committed to driving growth while maintaining FORJAK’s dedication to excellence.


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