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Commercial and Industrial Painters

FORJAK Industrial is more than a commercial painting contractor, we are also a technology company. We've invented a new way to coat the exterior of high volume, low detail structures. This technology increases quality, decreases project completion times and lowers costs. From start to finish, we assess the project, present options, prepare your facility and provide an exceptional finished product to best fit your needs. Our patented Better Faster Finish Production Painting System revolutionizes the painting process in the same way that airless sprayers made brush and rolling obsolete.

Click the picture above for information about new construction and Industrial REITs!

Click the picture above for information about new construction and Industrial REITs!

We are able to provide aggressive pricing due to our efficiency and low-overhead. Our crews are well-equipped, we provide our own on-site housing while traveling, and own aerial lifts. All FORJAK Industrial crew leaders have a minimum of 10-Hour OSHA training and we have the ability to provide personnel with OSHA 30-Hour training.

We have experience with privately owned facilities to large, globally owned corporations throughout the  United States. We have built relationships with companies such as Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club and U-Haul International. Our experience within these companies and others extends from everyday maintenance painting to large-scale ornate re-imaging projects and industrial coating systems.

These are just some of the services FORJAK Industrial provides:

  • Power washing, surface cleanings

  • Water reclaimation during powerwashing

  • Commercial coatings

  • Re-imaging

  • Abrasive blasting (sand, walnut, soda and cob)

  • Shot blasting/grinding

  • Paint removal and stripping

  • Caulking/Joint Sealants

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At FORJAK we are proud of our skilled technicians.  Employees are trained in epoxy, polyureas, MM80 and concrete flooring & repairs. OEM trained in  Metzger-McGuire and other specialty repairs solutions we know what to apply and how to apply it. Many of these specialty products require significant training to deal with extremely short application times or to ensure that proper installation provides the advertised engineering  specifications.

Commercial Painting is our specialty. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your structure look its best and extend the service life of your investment.