FORJAK Industrial provides customers with a 63,000 sqft media blasting and industrial painting facility capable of handling our customers largest pieces.

Blasting and Painting FAQs

We often are asked what separates FORJAK's media (sand) blasting and painting facility from our competitors? Here is a short list:

1) Quality- Everyone talks about quality. Here are a few questions to ask when you are meeting with a possible supplier. 

 a) Do you perform SP-1? Here is a link to the standard

 b) How do you validate the blast profile?

 c) How do you verify the paint application? 

2) Capacity- How fast can you get to my project?

 FORJAK has a 63,000 sqft facility with capacity for your project within the week.

3) Size- Are there any size or weight limits based on your plant capacity?

 FORJAK's plant can handle any object that is road transportable and up to 40,000 pounds.

4) Oversight- What are the qualifications of the quality control team?

 We have a NACE Level 3 Coatings Inspector, SSPC PCI Level 1 and 2 Inspectors on staff ready to validate your painting application.

5) Customer Contact- What is the process to work with my project, is their a process?

 Our process starts with the initial contact, where we learn about the project specifications. Once the proposal is signed, our Operations Team makes contact to schedule delivery and provide a pick-up time. After the project is complete, our sales team reengages to capture feedback and compiles any lessons from the process.